Goddamn it, I fucking LOVE DUCK.

We’ve been to The Left Bank, one of the more upscale restaurants on the Outer Banks, twice this week, once for cocktails and munchies and once for dinner. Chef de Cuisine Joel Sardinha is assisted by, among others, my nephew Ryan and the peripatetic Dodge Draffin, but that’s no reason not to go.*

*Rim shot!

This bar brings sexyback.

I’m not doing a full-on review because there’s a bit of a conflict of interest, what with my family member working there, and I am nothing if not overly critical a total bitch scrupulously fair. But that doesn’t mean I can’t say a few things betwixt the evenings’ food pr0n.

It’s an orgy of backlighting! And I love it.

1. The bar is most excellent. Sexy but comfortable, and Very Nice Bartender whose name I feel guilty for not remembering is not only friendly and fun, but turns out nice specialty drinks and wonderfully solid classics. Plus, you get to enjoy the sunset without having to drink your beverage out of a plastic novelty cup shaped like a skull or tiki head.


2. Dodge Draffin can cook the HOLY HELL out of some scallops.

After I ate this, I told the chef that if I weren’t already married I would marry this dish.

3. Crab galette bound with scallop, served with sweet corn, mushrooms, shallots, butterbean puree and leek oil. Number one on my list of dishes to re-create at home. Killer. Notice how I attacked it immediately, and then realized that I needed to take a picture.

I need this lighting in my kitchen.

4. If you go at sunset, the view is gorgeous. The dining room is spare but elegant and lets the views take center stage. Also, the chairs are comfortable for the more fat-assed among us; important when dinner takes 2+ hours.

A rare photo of Dodge actually finishing a dish.

5. Open kitchens are always fun, and this one is remarkably calm and open to patrons nosing around at the pass. Joel is incredibly friendly and would love to spend a few minutes talking with you about the dishes at the restaurant, food in general, tattoos, the gifted program his daughter is enrolled in, grapes, Paula Deen, or any number of other topics. Also, my nephew is often at the pass expediting food. If you go, tell him he needs a haircut.

Look at this wine glass. Are you not enamored? I am totally smitten.

6. The dessert wine list. And this glass.*

*Adorable husband who does dishes AND kills spiders AND remembers when my period is coming and brings home chocolate unprovoked not included.

I could eat a LOT of those little cookies. I’m sure they ship well, hint hint.

7. Staff is unfailingly friendly and incredibly polite. Coming from the New York City area, I am a little wary of staff so utterly lacking in surliness and I get really nervous around them. Which they were also really polite about, which made me clam up more; a vicious cycle. But those of you without my severe mental problems will probably really like it.

This is like the best PB&J you ever had, times 100, injected with heroin, and deep fried and covered in cinnamon sugar.

The Left Bank
Sanderling Resort and Spa
1461 Duck Road
Duck, North Carolina 27949
For reservations (recommended): 1-800-701-4111 Ext. 133 (before 4:00pm) or call 252-261-8419 (after 4:00pm)