I’m glad people dig the Frig? – by the way, congrats Fuzzy and Vanessa, for correctly IDing the butter – but I’m on freaking vacation.  Posting is one thing, it’s fun and relaxing, but worrying about the daily Frig? is cramping my style, which is pretty cramped as it is.  So it’s going to a 1-2x a week thing until such time as I’m (1) back and (2) in possession of a better theme for added features like this, because I’m kinda hating how the Frig? is taking over the home page like a creeping fungus to the detriment of regular posts. Go me and my foresight!

I wouldn’t leave you totally hanging, though.

So I ask you: Do you love ’em? Do you hate ’em? Do they not look like tiny turds to you, as they do to me?  Boiled peanuts, that is.

Thanks for the nuts, kfisto!

Tonight we’re heading to both Dodge’s and Graham’s dining establishments, camera in tow.  Let’s see if they can pick up the pace in a professional setting, shall we?