As per my plan, you’ve all been snookered by the appearance of “bits” in yesterday’s Frig? Despite Minimally Invasive‘s most excellent response of “chopped up dentures in Greek yogurt” and the many people who thought they saw herring, what you were actually looking at was a vat of plain ol’ sour cream (well played, Traci!) that most likely sat next to these “nachos” in the buffet line.  Viva Las Vegas!

Today’s Frig? may be obvious to all of you but I had no idea what I was looking at, probably because I was distracted by the pig snout.*  In any case, let’s move into the weekend with a kinder, gentler image:

According to Igor Clark, this was actually quite tasty.

The frig?

Also, TNS goes into vacation mode for the next two weeks, which means all bets are OFF.  Next week I come to you from the Outer Banks of North Carolina, and you can bet that I will be taunting you with pictures of hush puppies and smoked brisket sandwiches all the live-long day.  The week after, I’m back to drag you all on an odyssey to search for the best hot dog in New Jersey – you didn’t know that northern New jersey was home of the Texas Weiner (purposely spelled “e-i” and not “i-e-” because we like to be difficult), did you?

*I know you see it.