It’s kinda-sorta-two in a row for catnip, who once again comes closest with a guess of “one of those single serve tuna things.”  Single serve, correct; tuna thing, not quite.

I’ll let the photographer explain in her own words:

“This stuff was horrible! It’s salmon and mandarin orange sauce. I thought it was salmon with mandarin orange slices. Not that that’s any better… So I gave it a try. When I opened it up, I was so shocked and horrified at the appearance that I took my camera and recorded it. It was gross. The taste was not great either. I got this at a Walmart store. I threw it away immediately!”

You cannot make this shit up.  Let us only hope that the photo record teaches posterity a lesson about this supposed “food” product.

Today’s Frig? comes thanks to intrepid traveler and photographer muckster, who, during a recent trip, kept a photojournal of Las Vegas buffet foods.  As a reminder, I assume, never to return.

The frig?