Congrats to catnip and [eatingclub] vancouver js, who came closest to guessing yesterday’s Frig? with “raw dark chicken meat” and “thigh meat-type thing,” respectively.  Sadly, no one got the correct answer, which was ground turkey marinating in soy sauce, and not intestines covered in baked beans. Who knew?  I’ll never look at ground turkey the same way again.

But wait, some of you may be saying, someone “guessed” that!  Why have they been excluded from the adulation?

Because, grasshoppers, they have violated the honor code.  See, these grody pictures aren’t mine.  And that means I have to attribute them, so we know who to blame. And that means that if you click on the attribution, you’ll see the correct answer.

I won’t call out these individuals publicly, trusting that their own shame is punishment enough.  The rest of you though, who have participated honestly, should feel free to chastise openly as you see fit.

Moving on!  The frig?  Someone thought this was not only good enough to eat, but to package and sell commercially?  God help us all, especially those who were lured in by the shiny, colorful packaging and actually bought this.

I’m so sorry you had to confront this, knittingskwerlgurl.

The frig?