This edible horror originally photographed and uploaded by Just Jefa.

Yes, it’s food. But what the hell is it?

There’s tons of delicious, lavicious food pr0n out there – Tastespotting, Foodgawker and dozens upon dozens of blogs with professional quality, gorgeous styling and photography.

But where is the hilarious? The grotesque? The truly unfortunate?

I got your grotesque right here, baby. Welcome to a new daily feature: The frig? And so I ask you:

The frig?

Answer with tomorrow’s sideshow of horror. First correct answer gets to bask in the late-afternoon glow of golden self-satisfaction.

Also, did I or did I not ask for some feedback the other day? There are 16 comments, and one is me. I have STATISTICS, people. I know you are out there. I really want your feedback, even if it is “This idea is shite.” Honesty is helpful; I promise I will not hold anything you say against you.*

*Total lie.