It’s not a question, it’s a statement.  You WOULD like to know.

I’ve been pondering some new content for TNS.  You know, to make it more of a hip, happening place where the kids will want to hang out when they’re not at the sock hop or the weenie roast.*  The Smackdown will always be the heart and soul, but I’m going to start adding some shorter daily content as well.

One of the new features I’m planning is 30-second, 5-question Q&As with foodie-type people – restaurant owners, chefs, bartenders, bloggers, the donut cart guy around the corner, and the like; I think I have enough contacts to shamelessly exploit that I can get to some pretty interesting people.  I already have some of the questions mapped out but wanted your input (this means you too, lurkers).  So:

  1. Is this something you’d even be interested in reading, or are you a sociopath who is oblivious to the interests and needs of others?
  2. If so, what would you want to know?  If you bumped into Thomas Keller on the street and he had time to answer one question for you, what would you ask?**

ALSO:  FIRST THURSDAY IS NEXT WEEK, PEOPLE. I could NOT have made it any easier for you, as it’s Labor Day here in the U.S. and the theme is “the grill.”  Fire it up, boys and girls.

*”Weenie.”  Heh.

** Note: “The fuck?” does not count as a valid question.  And NO, that’s not one of the questions I already have lined up.