Hey, everybody.  I just wanted to stop in and let all of you know how we’re doing here since it may be a little weird to see that last post and then nothing for a week.

Michelle is going through a bit of a rough time at the moment, as you can all tell by now.  She’s been through worse and she’ll pull through this just fine, it’s just shitty while she’s stuck in the middle of it.  Luckily she has the support of a great doctor, terrific family and wonderful friends – both in real life and online – to help get through it all.  All your comments in the other post mean a lot to both of us.  It’s amazing to think that people she’s never met would care so much about her.

Unfortunately, she’s not much into cooking or blogging right now.  So just hang tight and she’ll return soon.  And if I ever figure out how to upload photos to this website I’ll post pictures of the blintz casserole I made a few days ago.  Even my Grandma Ruth loved it.  (“It’s better than chocolate cake!”)

And as far as our financial state is concerned, don’t worry.  It isn’t nearly as bad as she made it seem.  We’re doing fine.  But don’t let that stop you from sending us money – preferably cash in unmarked envelopes.

In all seriousness, we both want to thank you all for your support, whether you’ve posted comments, sent emails, or just continued to read the site.  You’re all awesome.