UPDATE:  We’ve been visited by Mrs. Morales!  Check out the comments for the recipe for this monumental flan!

A giant fucking flan.

This enormous, delicious flan was oh-so-kindly prepared by Mrs. Morales. Her son Jason, a Scrabble-a-thon participant, informs me that she reads TNS and would be tickled to see a picture of her huge and scrumptious flan. So I give you: Mrs. Morales’ Flan. It had a perfect texture, delicious caramel, fed 20 people easily and balanced the federal budget, all before noon.

Mrs. Morales, your son is terrible at Scrabble, but we love your colossal, Brobdingnagian, wonderful wonderful flan.

If we all ask very nicely, there is a chance she may appear in the comments and tell us how to make this outstanding, gargantuan flan.