So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish.

It’s been almost five awesome years, but the time has come to end TNS. The site will still be here for all your recipe reference needs, but there will be no new posts. Please, pop over to King of States! and say hello, and thanks for everything.

15 thoughts on “So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish.

  1. Poop. I knew it was coming, but bummer! Now where will I find good recipes that cost practically nothing? (I think that’s how I originally found you…)

  2. Farewell, and thanks for the memories. And, the baked eggs on Thanksgiving stuffing leftovers that have now become tradition! I’m glad you have a wonderful new endeavor, but the Thursday Night Snark will be missed. See ya in Jersey.

  3. I’m glad you’re doing well, and I realize that change is inevitable. For whatever reason KoS doesn’t resonate with me in the writing the way this blog did, so as this blog reaches “Fin.”, I’ll just thank you and say “au revoir”.

  4. Sniff. I’ve been reading TNS for years, and it makes me really sad to know there won’t be any more posts. I understand that there’s a time to move on, but I can still sit back here and say “Fuck change!” Best of luck with your new endeavors.

  5. Sonofabitch! I canNOT believe I just now stumbled upon this site, only to find it won’t be updated anymore. Guess I’ll have to relive what delights await me in the Archives.

    Dammit, this really fuckin’ blows!

  6. I am seriously sad that, upon seeking you out again, seeing you have not decided to rejoin us. I miss your posts. Fantastic recipes and fabulously raunchy language in your witty, hilarious posts. I hope life is treating you well, fabulous lady. Much love from me (and MANY other) online fans. xoxo

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