These apples; you enjoy them, yes?

I was going to write this whole post as a parody of the lyrics to the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” theme song, but some things are just sacred, y’know?

I know that for the past month or two I’ve posted sporadically, or posted things that really made no sense to anyone but me, so thanks for hanging around. It’s time to come clean, and that’s a story that can only be told, as is the case with so many stories, through dance.

First, some underlying premises:

  1. I spent a really long time being really unhappy at my job.
  2. When I was 9, I wanted to be a choreographer when I grew up.

When I have the time and remember when it’s on, I watch So You Think You Can Dance. It’s relatively free of manufactured drama, and all the contestants are good at what they do and supportive of one another.

Typically, I get a little weepy when I watch it, and have to pretend I have something stuck in my eye so that no one (read: the dogs) will notice. You might think that tears are a natural reaction to listening to Mary Murphy’s speaking voice or realizing that people like Cat Deeley actually do exist in nature, but that’s not why I cried.

No, I cried because it hurt to watch these excited people getting a chance to do the exact thing they love, knowing that the next day I would have to drag myself back to a pretty thankless job that provided little satisfaction. A job I stayed at for EIGHT YEARS.

Tonight, I watched So You Think You Can Dance and didn’t cry. Okay, fine, I cried once because one of the routines was incredibly lovely, but that doesn’t count. Why didn’t I cry? Because I am now an excited person getting paid to do the exact thing that I love.

Remember when this happened, and then this? I am thrilled to report that in the battle of Remarkably Better vs. Stunningly Fantastic, Stunningly Fantastic has won the day: I can now proudly say that I’m a Story Wrangler at WordPress. Here’s a bit of what this means:

  • I get to write. A lot. All kinds of stuff. And I get to be myself when I do it.
  • I get to work with a bunch of talented, funny, scary-smart people.
  • I get to work from wherever I’d like, during the hours I choose.
  • I get to help other bloggers reach their blogging goals.
  • I get to be part of a highly collaborative, totally non-bureaucratic work environment.
  • I get to travel around the world.
  • I get to wake up every morning excited about what I’m going to be a part of that day. Every. Single. Morning.
  • I get to have a real influence on the blogosphere, and the internet in general.
  • I get a super fun job title.
  • I get paid for all of the above.
  • Did I mention the writing? And the awesome people? And that I work for WordPress?

Basically, my job is to help you blog: to provide tools and tips, to inspire, and to shine a light on your great work. Which means I can potentially help someone else find fulfillment or meet a life goal through their blog the way I have with mine, which: bingo! And my yoga pants and Birkenstocks are now totally work-appropriate. In fact, the yoga pants covered in the lesser quantity of dog hair are now my fancy-dress yoga pants.

I’m going to ease back into being here over the next week or two. And while I will still deploy salty language, I have a feeling I’ll be noticeably less angry. (Well, except about conservative Republicans, because there’s really nothing to be done for that.) I’ll also be posting random snippets and photos over at my new site, King of States!.

By the way: all that stuff I said in those other posts about being grateful to you all for helping get me to this place? Still totally true. I might actually let each of you get to home base.

PS: We’re hiring!

14 thoughts on “These apples; you enjoy them, yes?

  1. I am a regular reader of TNS and obviously enjoy your blog though never comment because, hey, most people should just STFU. (Although I must say your comments section seems to draw and extraordinary group of pleasant followers.) I have no blogging experience myself and really have none for the foreseeable future. Ironically I live outside of my home country now and have for a number of years which would no doubt provide for plenty of blog fodder (blodder?) Worse yet I love to partake in my own culinary experiments on occasion but unfortunately my kitchen, like many here in Asia, is quite small. Still, sign me up ye wordsmith and master of kitchen wizardry and I shall follow.

  2. AwYEAH. I’ve been reading your site since I was a wee blog explorer oh, 4 or 5 years ago (and never once commented–shame on me but I was too damn shy), and I’m so thrilled that you’ve moved on to a job you love at WORDPRESS no less! Congrats, Michelle, huge congrats.

  3. Ive been following – and occasionally commenting on – this blog for years, and you’re one of the bestest bloggers I follow. You have such a fun and engaging writing style, and I love reading about your experiences in food and beyond. I’m so pleased that your dream job has happened for you, and I wish you all the best and lots of pork products in celebration.

  4. and also? Do You Think You Can Dance makes me cry too. The same way that the best live theater and the Kennedy Center Honors make me cry. Something about balls-out passion just tears me up.

  5. Just finished watching the DVRed finale for this year’s SYTYCD, actually. Plus I’m happy to give you a big “congratulations!” and a pat on the head. That’ll do. Seriously.

    Plus you can now wander over to my *wordpress* blog, leading fame to my door….

  6. Way cool! Proud and happy for you. Though a relative latecomer to your blog (two years ago), I feel I can claim I knew you when you were “only an egg”…. points to all who get the reference.

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