Give a Warm TNS Welcome to My Mid-Season Replacement

I need to take a hiatus for a few weeks. Well, clearly I’ve already been doing that. What I mean is, I need to take a hiatus for a few MORE weeks. But no worries, I’ve got something to occupy those lonely hours.

heart melter

This link will take you to a live camera trained 24/7 on an enclosure containing six Golden Retriever puppies who are being trained as service dogs. As far as I’m concerned, it justifies the entire existence of the internet and I would like to personally send Al Gore a crisp new dollar bill. Any time you wish you were reading TNS, go and look at the puppies.

Or you could just come back and browse the archives. Some of that shit’s almost five years old, and you know you don’t remember it. The really old stuff is pretty awful, so proceed at your own peril.

For those of you who are concerned:

  • No, I am not experiencing a bout of crazy.
  • Yes, I still am gainfully employed.
  • No, I am not suffering amnesia after falling off a boat, nor am I now trying to figure out when I married Kurt Russell and bore four children.
  • Yes, I am still happily married.
  • No, no one is sick, dead, or injured. Other than having Olympic fever, obviously.
  • Yes, I am aware that I’m being a cryptic asshole. I can refer you to this post, which might flesh things out not at all.

If I know you personally or virtually, feel free to contact me in an attempt to pry out details. Everyone else, I apologize, but you’re just going to have to look at the puppies.

But don’t worry. As one of the great thespians of our age once said: I’ll be back.

15 thoughts on “Give a Warm TNS Welcome to My Mid-Season Replacement

  1. THANK YOU for the puppies. I got there just in time to catch one using the litter box. Which even that is adorable, because GOLDEN RETRIEVER PUPPIES!!!

  2. Don’t worry, we will be here. That’s what google reader and FB are for.. to alert us when the awesome starts up again!

  3. Well…except that right now, when I dropped in to indulge in the massive cuteness of romping fur-balls, they’re all sacked out and motionless. Presumably not dead, but might as well be. A very poor substitute, I’m afraid, for your own pithy entertainment. Maybe need several such cams in different time zones so the damned dogs will be playing, somewhere, at all times? Or we can just suck it up and wait for your brilliant return. Yeah…OK…I think I know your answer on that one…

  4. I don’t care if its cute puppies, I was just glad to see you hadn’t abandoned us completely!
    Carry on and get back to this when you’re good and ready, I’m gonna go watch puppies now. Thanks!!

  5. Thanks for this link. They are adorable and destined to help a lot of people. What a wonderful thing.

    NOW, we’re looking forward to your scintillating stories and recipes!!!!! Jesus H. Mouse, bring it on!!!

    I DO hope your decompressing, regrouping, and whatever other buzzwords there are for being absent.

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