Who left this pickle lying around?

I am, you see, on the horns of a dilemma; a dilemma ultimately of my own making. Confound my irrepressible talent! I don’t even LIKE pickles.

Here’s the thing: I made some green chile posole from the The Homesick Texan Cookbook, and it was fantastic. In addition, TNS was featured on the Saveur site today, and now the unwashed throngs are clamoring for my “searing honesty,” “punchy sarcasm,” and “delightfully dark humor.” I mean, I assume there’s clamoring going on; I’m not really paying attention.

Problem: I am tired. Bone tired. It is 1:30AM, and I have been going non-stop since this morning. I’m certainly punchy right now, but not in a good way. And so the dilemma: stay up late and vomit out some words to sate the barbarians at the gate, or get some sleep and hit reset in the morning? Such are the quandaries that plague the more well-known among us; schlubs like you should count yourselves lucky that you don’t have these kinds of high-level problems.

If you know me at all, you know there’s only one right answer in the epic battle of sleep vs. hard work. If you don’t know me I’ll give you two guesses, but I bet you’ll only need one.

I may decide to sit down and write when I get up at 4AM to take a bright green shit but I may not, so I’ve inserted some placeholder haiku. Yes, I know that’s a massive cop-out and no, I don’t really care right now.

I invite you to share your best haiku celebrating Mexican food in the comments. Bonus points if it’s written in Spanish.

chile serrano

Hot chile peppers,
you should come with a warning:
Don’t touch your membranes.


Chile blasphemer,
burnt then eviscerated.
No freedom for you.

green stuff

Small splotch of hot pink
is from our new kitchen chairs.
I totally win!


Hominy kernels.
Lye-soaked maize, why not? That’s how
I’d treat extra corn.


The weather forecast
calls for flames from the heavens.
Soup was a bad choice.

lovin' spoonful

Might as well add cheese
to counteract the chiles;
equalize the crap.

16 thoughts on “Who left this pickle lying around?

  1. I always loved pozole, one day I discovered a verde pozole with pork and the I really loved pozole! I try not to top it with cheese because that’s not ‘authentic’, but cheese is just too damn delicious not to use it, so I generally lose that battle. Funny, I would of pegged you as more of a limerick gal rather than haiku, but well done in any case.

  2. While you were roasting
    japs, I was doing the same
    to bulbous eggplants.

    Out of tahini,
    I subbed sunflower butter.
    Baba ganoush barf!

    So, thanks Mexico!
    I woud go hungry were it
    not for chips/salsa.

  3. @gene, limericks are way too much work. all that rhyming, forget about it. i have things to do and naps to take.

    @camels, sly move replacing “and” with a slash. i’n not convinced it’s haiku-appropriate, though.

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