Awesome Shit That I Want Monday

If you’re anything like me, you’re always being invited to multi-course dinner parties at the homes of the social elite, and you’re running out of clever hostess gift ideas.

Right? I mean, that bottle of wine you picked? Not only does it NOT complement the jellied chicken and tarragon terrine at all, but a 1989? I give 1989 reds to the dog, and even he doesn’t drink them. All you’re doing here is embarrassing yourself and frankly, it’s a little painful.

Instead, give your gracious host or hostess something useful in the kitchen. To wit: salt made from tears of sorrow. You could opt for salt made from tears of anger or laughter, but I find that nothing adds the tantalizing but unidentifiable complexity that really makes a dish hum like tears of sorrow.

14 thoughts on “Awesome Shit That I Want Monday

  1. salt made from tears of remorse leave a bitter aftertaste…
    (sorry, haven’t had the second cup ‘o joe yet, thats the best I got.)

  2. @guys, i’m sorry about the shipping thing. maybe i can get a UK blogger friend to hook us up.

    @kayb, i don’t think it does, but i can’t be certain (the fine print says it’s just salt and lavender).

  3. I’m interested in buying some ( tears of ANGER and tears of LAUGHTER) and am in the US. Please find us a blogger friend to help.

  4. Yeah, I would totally be in if you could get some shipped stateside. Sooner the better, this would make a PERFECT gift for my aunt’s birthday in August.

  5. I wonder what they charge for duty on salt Made From Tears of Sorrow and if there are different rates for different emotions. Awesome find Michelle, love this!

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