Awesome Shit That I Want Monday

You may be aware that both Brian and I are big nerds, although in different ways. I’m a bookish history dork, and he’s a fantasy game-lover. And what are fantasy game-lovers suckers for? Dice.

Granted, these “What’s for dinner” dice are run-of-the-mill six-sided dice, which are admittedly not as appealing to the aspiring Dungeon Master as their twenty-sided brethren, but still: when you can work a die roll into meal preparation, you’re four-fifths of the way to getting your Level 5 Chaotic-Good Rogue Eladrin of a spouse/partner/SO/roommate/etc to start making dinner for a change.

So okay, you’d have to keep a pretty wide variety of foods around to make use of the full set, but (1) you should be doing that anyway and (2) you’ll gain upward of an hour to read the new Hilary Mantel book about the life of Thomas Cromwell while your Eladrin tries to figure out how to break down fava beans without resulting to an arcane transmutation spell.

It’s a win-win. At least, it’s a win-win until you shit out the mass of undigested vegetable fiber from improperly-shelled beans, but I’m sure we can all agree that’s a small price to pay for fun with dice.

6 thoughts on “Awesome Shit That I Want Monday

  1. You should order in until you have finished the new Hilary Mantel. No cooking should get in the way of reading this book, and you should only eat if it’s okay with everyone else at the table if you read this book. Not any other book, that’s rude. Just this book.

  2. @ryan, i could definitely see those getting a lot more use.

    @kelly, holy shit, it’s SO GOOD. i loved wolf hall too, but this one is killing it.

    @brian, i love you 2d8 more than i did yesterday.

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