Shit With Screwed Up Priorities Monday

Food and kitchenware loving peoples of the world, I think we’re going off the rails on a bit of a crazy train.

A foodie-type email list to which I subscribed recently commended the Herriott Grace e-shop to me, and while browsing it, I found this spoon.

I read the listing very carefully, noting that the TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY DOLLAR price tag is for a single spoon only, meaning that this spoon costs $18.46 per inch.

No where in the listing did it indicate that:

  1. This spoon was carved from a piece of the True Cross.
  2. This spoon was carved from a branch pruned from the White Tree of Gondor.
  3. This spoon comes with a trained monkey butler.

Thus, I am forced to conclude that this spoon cannot rightfully command its $240 price tag, and respectfully suggest that the people who think the cost is somehow justified disclose what it is that they are smoking. Would that I could partake of the magical drug that would allow me to sleep at night knowing I made my living selling a spoon that costs the equivalent of 33.1 hours, or roughly 4.1 days, of minimum-wage labor. Also, doing all this math makes me cranky.

In other words:

Dear Herriott Grace,

Seriously? That’s fucked up.


11 thoughts on “Shit With Screwed Up Priorities Monday

  1. They are lovely, but even if I could afford one and was crazy enough to spend that much on a wooden spoon, I couldn’t use it. ever. So, so they rich crazy people who would buy this throw it away if it gets a water stain or something on it?

  2. Oh my no…surely they are at least self cleaning? I mean, wait…they make more sense when I wear my tinfoil hat….the one with the Norse horns. Yeeessss, the spoons speak to me, they are my precious….

  3. Dang. My son made an entire gorgeous cherry coffee table in his advanced woodworking class in high school and the wood for all of it did not cost that much. I should have had him save the scraps.

  4. This is how rich, suburban housewives get back at their rich, philandering husbands for screwing their 20 something secretaries – they blow all their husbands money on stupid, expensive shit like this. It’s the circle of life.

  5. They are beautiful. I would pay about $18 max. More importantly, it’s always nice to see you in my inbox. Just yesterday I was wondering how things were going in your world, and tonight, there you were. Thanks for keeping in touch and keepin’ it real.

  6. @kristen, thanks for your eagle eye! that’s much better. that’s exactly why i love canada; i can go there with a nickle and live like a queen.

    @bev, thanks for the link. the spread was icky, to be sure, but there were so many WORSE things. fantastically terrifying.

    @ieatsigrins, nice to see you, too!

  7. Wow, that is insane. Also, when I tried to go to the site the day you posted this, the site was down. You must have taken it down with the POWER OF YOUR BLOG! :)

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