I've Jumped the Shark

And if you’re reading this, you have too. Congratulations!

Okay, yes, I’ve been completely MIA. Work was nutty, and selling the apartment and finding a new place have been a major time-suck.

That’s kind of a lie. The time-suck has been the prodigious number of hours I’ve spent scouring the internet for the perfect rug and throw pillows to tie the living room quadrant of the new loft together. You would probably be horrified at how deeply critical to my being this task has become. I’m a little horrified as well.

I’ve failed to cook anything at all this past week, much to my chagrin. But then this evening I saw a television commercial that made it painfully evident to me that I have jumped the shark and should pack up this popsicle stand and head home.

The commercial was for McDonald’s, and it went a little something like this:

Young Woman: [munches oatmeal}

Old Woman: What’s in that oatmeal?

YW: Blueberries and walnuts.

OW: In my day, oatmeal only had two ingredients: oat, and meal. None of this fancy-pants stuff.

[OW pulls our her camera phone and snaps a photo of the oatmeal.

OW: I have GOT to blog this.

I assume there is no more that need be said. We have, all of us, jumped the shark. It’s been fun, kids.

Oh wait, did you think I was quitting? Ha ha! I just like to scare you from time to time to make sure you’re awake. Now that the appropriate area rug has been obtained, things should be (mostly) back to normal other than the actual moving weekend, so I’ll go back to regularly providing fodder for your totally passé blog-reading hobby. I’m not giving up until food blogging jumps the Sharktopus, which is a COMPLETELY REAL creature that I saw terrorizing the Mexican coastline on SyFy.

(If you’re interested: pic is of pasta with ramps sauteed in bacon fat and topped with a poached egg. Good thing I posted it while ramps were still available!)


8 thoughts on “I've Jumped the Shark

  1. It’s appropriate that you’re talking about sharks in this post, considering that poached egg looks suspiciously like a mermaid’s purse.

  2. I totally understand the whole rug thing, searching can become the center of your universe until that moment of blinding clarity… you know, “fuck it, I’m just getting THAT one and be done!”
    Thanks for the picture tho! I’m a visual learner!

  3. I bet if you deep fried it and had aioli on the side, that Sharktopus would be quite delicious. Perhaps it should be frightened, very frightened…

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  5. That commercial is the bane of my existence. I wasn’t aware that anyone still ate oatmeal anymore. Didn’t that go out in the late 1950’s?

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