Midnight in the Garden of Googa and Mooga

I’m a bit tired, crispy and worse for the wear. I blame the giant fire-breathing metal pig. If you can’t make out what is says on the side, it’s “HAMAGEDDON.”

For I Googaed my Mooga yesterday. I know there are many people being complainy about it on the internet, as the complaint-prone among us are wont to do. In response, I offer my only thought: if you really thought that a giant food festival with FREE ADMISSION would not have lines out the ass for Tom Colicchio’s pork belly tacos and beer, you are a more optimistic person than I.*

For my part, I basked on the lawn with friends in the shadow of the robotic dragon swine, eating, among other things, a horse bologna and foie gras grilled cheese sandwich and a wide variety of paletas, pineapple-jalapeƱo being the best. Yes, horse bologna is what you think it is.

Possibly I ate $15 worth of paletas, because it was really hot and I love paletas, but I will never admit to it.

ASIDE: “Hamageddon” would have been a BITCHING name for one of our annual Smoke-a-Thons, which are no more since the likelihood of finding a rental with a big backyard is zero point none. Dammit!

In other news, I apologize for my absence. My employer’s annual fundraising gala is tomorrow night, and between trying to pull that together and trying to find a way not to be homeless in July, I’ve been preoccupied. Cross my heart and hope to die that TNS will return to normal on Tuesday.

What’ve you been up to? I miss the pitter-patter of your little feet.

*I know there are folks with legit complaints about how the booze acquisition was run, but I can’t speak to that since I didn’t partake. On a hot, sunny day who wants wine or beer when there are paletas?

9 thoughts on “Midnight in the Garden of Googa and Mooga

  1. @gene, it was good, and yet, a giant slab of hot foie gras is perhaps not the best summer picnic food.

    @ryan, but did i mention the paletas? passionfruit, strawberry mojito, mango and chile, hibiscus?

    @bev, nope, there was actually a whole pig cooking in there.

  2. I got my film funded on Kickstarter! 30 mile bike ride! Saw Midsummer Night’s Dream at Classic Stage Company!

    Big weekend. Even though it didn’t involved horse balogna.

  3. That looks awesme! But I was in Cleveland for a graduation… had an awesome meal in little italy there, otherwise the food was meh…

  4. I didn’t get the grilled cheese you did, but I did eat the Oaxaca grilled cheese with tomatillos, possibly twice, and the bacon flight. DO NOT tell me you missed the bacon flight! Also many other lovely things. And I agree, who thought there wouldn’t be lines? Then again, I went on Sunday and got there at 11:30, so perhaps I had an easier time of it.

  5. @annie, woo hoo!

    @shiri, oh, i ate the HELL out of that oaxacan grilled cheese. SO GOOD. i didn’t do the bacon flight because i was so full of pork after the BLT and the porchetta sandwich.

    i heard sunday went way more smoothly that saturday did – lucky you!

  6. I suppose your pork trade-off was a fair one. I know, we lucked out with Sunday. By the time I left at 5, they’d only run out of some of the desserts and the Blue Ribbon fried chicken.

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