Awesome Shit That I Want Monday

We’ve been making the shift from beer people to cocktail people over the past year, because as we get older and have less time to waste we want to get drunk faster.

I kid! It’s just fun to explore a whole new world of flavor profiles and combinations. We’ve always been able to get drunk plenty fast anyway.

In honor of my new, swankier lifestyle, I think I need some new, swankier glassware. I’m digging these to add a touch of bling to my otherwise utilitarian life. No longer will I drink double gin Moscow Mules out of juice glasses!

Granted, they’re not inexpensive, so I can probably only get one or two, which will lead to solitary drinking, which is probably not a road down which one should wander. Thus, I will cleave to my juice glasses, and admire the bling from afar.


5 thoughts on “Awesome Shit That I Want Monday

  1. I do like the art deco-ishness of the glasses, but holy shitballs, they are expensive. I’ll save my money, and use the Pyrex measuring cup for my drinks.

  2. Gorgeous, but at that price I’ll stick to the vintage gold-decorated cocktail glasses we inherited from my in-laws. They received them as a wedding present in 1957, and since they were hardly ever used, it’s still a lovely set, and mostly intact (a miracle, considering they raised five boys).

    Now I want a highball…

  3. @mel, it is a constant frustration that my parents were not married in the fifties, thus eventually leaving me great cocktail glasses and dishware. 1974 was far less propitious.

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