Riddle Me This

Gentle readers, I have a question for you on the direction of the blog. On one hand, it’s my blog, and it’s gonna go where it damn well pleases. On the other, I like to maintain the facade of caring what you think.

So: as of late, I’ve noticed that my posts are more like posts about random shit I feel like talking about with some food thrown in, as opposed to posts that are really about food. I may keep that up, because it’s kinda fun. Your reaction?

  1. I like posts about food when I’m on a food blog.
  2. I like some opinion with my food.
  3. I like curse words and don’t really care what the post is about.
  4. I like big butts, and I cannot lie.
  5. I like big butts, but am an inveterate dissembler.
  6. I like it like that.
  7. Other.

Please to leave your response in the comments along with anything else you’d care to say.

And because it’s Monday, here’s a mirror in the shape of Washington state that costs $1100.

PS: I encourage you all to cast your vote, even you non-commenters. Thanks!

82 thoughts on “Riddle Me This

  1. Honestly, I think you are an incredible writer (I first wrote liar, because I really just wanted to choose option #5).

    I’ll read anything you write.

  2. Since I’m not into cooking, my favorite posts are the ones where you are talking about something else while cooking. It feels a bit like I’m in my mom’s kitchen and she was telling stories and making me laugh, all the while the cooking was going on around me and I was learning NOTHING from it. :)

  3. #6, all the way. When I open up Google Reader, you’re one of only five feeds (and the only food-related one) that I obsessively check for updates – out of the hundreds I’m subscribed to. Never change! Unless you want to change. Then it’s allowed.

  4. Your blog continues to be different from the rest of all those food blogs out there (mine included…doh), which is why I continue to read yours. I say keep up what you’ve been doing. I’ll keep reading :)

  5. You’re a great writer and you have a wicked sense of humor. Just keep doing what you’re doing! I enjoy all your posts.

  6. I read your blog because A) you’re a hoot, B) you post awesome recipes, C) I like butts-big or otherwise, D) you’re a great writer, and E) you’re a rockstar!!

  7. Every morning I open Google Reader and get my morning finger exercises on the mouse scroll wheel. I, like so many others just look at all the pretty pictures. BUT there’s only two food blogs I stop and read word for word and one of them is yours. Both have excellent writers, loads of sarcasm, a fresh bowl of cursing, and delicious food. (Methinks there is a pattern.) So, I’d probably be sad if you changed your writing style. Don’t do it. Ever.

  8. 3 and 4. I like the food, but I love when you talk about other shit. You’re funnier than you think. Keep it up!!!

  9. I’m going to go with 2 and 3. You’ve got a great voice, great taste in food, and great skill with the camera.


  10. I am fine with you writing about whatever you feel like talking about. Sometimes food, sometimes politics, sometimes life, whatever. You have seen this as a food blog, which is great, but i have been seeing it as getting together with a like minded neighbor and chatting over coffee, or coffee cake. Topics can be wide ranging, sometimes we don’t get around to the sharing recipes part. That is OK with me. I think i need an occasional killer recipe, but not ever day. Or even every week.

  11. I like all the things. Especially when the cussing arrives. Also, I miss your mockery of the Top Chef franchise.

  12. It’s all very simple. You write it, I’ll read it. I started reading this blog because of the food, but honestly, I don’t give a rat’s ass if it’s about food, selling your apartment or what ever you feel like rambling about…I enjoy reading your posts, no matter what the subject is.

  13. I just like your writing. Also swearing, big butts, and dissembling. And food and cooking! But since my own eating is pretty close to vegan, I’m mostly here for the butts/swearing/opinions and not so much the food. I say write about whatever stuff you want and work the food in where it fits.

  14. Your post is called “Riddle Me This”.

    Riddle Me This is the name of my beloved pony.

    Therefore, you basically have me in love with this post before I even read it.

    (There are hundreds of blogs about there just about food. None of them are about you. There is a reason why I read this blog and not the other hundred.)

  15. I love just reading your blog; like others have pointed out, its like hanging with an old friend. And that usually involves myriad topics, cursing and the occasional drink. Or five. Keep on keeping on, dear.

  16. I actually like your style of blogging whatever the hell you feel like interspersed with pictures of whatever you are making with the recipe at the end. To me, it feels like I’m sitting in your kitchen drinking a beer while you cook and we shoot the shit.

  17. Don’t go changin’ to try to please me. We love you just the way you are! Smarmy tune but I love your blog just the way it is, food or no food.

  18. i love it just the way it is. write what ever your heart desires. (oh, and number 5 is my favorite too, but i always go for the smart ass response)

  19. @everyone, the cockles of my heart are duly warmed. i’d always hoped the vibe around here would be “just us chickens hanging out,” so i’m super-happy that’s actually how it comes across.

  20. If you’re thinking about stopping, please don’t. I’ve been writing for 20 years and reading internet shit has never been more interesting than what I find on your blog. Love the recipes, appreciate the freshness.

    A FAN

  21. Put it this way – I rarely cook, and when I do I’m bad at it, yet this is one of my favorite blogs. I’ve been a vegetarian for over twenty years, and will still sometimes want to lick the screen when you cook meat dishes. (Why yes, I do miss pork, thanks for asking) Sadly, I do not like big butts, especially my own, but I do think this blog needs MOAR DOGS PLZ.

  22. I like it just as it is – the random life tidbits, swearing, recipes, and smackdown. Oh, and the big butts, but that’s a given….

  23. I think I could find a reason to vote for any of these numbers (well, ok, I guess 4 and 5 are in direct opposition to each other, so I can’t have both of them at the same time). I like recipes and how you write them; I like when your opinion MUST OUT; I like swearing; I like Baby Got Back because I was born in the 80s and that’s apparently the law; and #6 has put that OTHER song in my head that isn’t Baby Got Back; of the two, that’s what won with my brain. Weird.

    Write whatever you want, I’ll read the hell out of it.

  24. I love all your posts, food related or not. Don’t let the fact that this is a “food blog” confine your creativity.

  25. I like whatever you write–and I like it when you don’t, too–your “wordless weekend” entries are better than some bloggers’ written pieces.

  26. I was saying at lunch today (edamame and a double order of gyoza) that one of the special powers of social media is how it spotlights authenticity and exposes posing. The thing that makes your food blog specific and distinctive and more-ish is that you write about food in a way that is authentically your own. You will never please all readers. The best you can hope for is to do a kickass job of writing your way, and thus please the fucking hell out of the readers for whom that’s a good way.

    I’m one.

  27. I have a mirror in the shape of Wyoming. (Or possibly Colorado). I wonder what I could get for it.

    Seriously, don’t change a thing about the blog.

  28. you’re like epicurious meets my drunk kitchen and if that isn’t the nicest thing that i’ve ever said about anyone, then, well, shit.

  29. I also like butts, big or otherwise, and I do feel like we’re all just hanging out in the kitchen, possibly with beers, and just bullshitting about food. I also have made a few of your recipes and you’ve got some serious talent.

    And, you’re from north Jersey. What’s not to like?

  30. Relative newcomer to your site. Don’t change anything you do, it’s lovely to read someone so passionate about so many things. There are many blogs on the ‘net, there is a reason why you have so many followers…

  31. I love all of your posts. The ones where you’re ranting make me laugh out loud a lot, because I think we’re so similar and that we’d be great friends in real life. And now I sound like a crazy stalker. The ones about food just amaze me because I wish I could be half the cook you are. So, my opinion, for what it’s worth, is that you should just keep doing whatever you want. And, I like big butts and I cannot lie. :)

  32. Change!?! Are you daft woman? This is a GREAT blog….yes, the food is great, and I have tried a bunch of the recipes and haven’t died from any of them,yet…but the commentary? priceless! Have you eaten bad fish or something? Geez, a heart attack almost I had here! Numbers? ALL OF THEM!!!

  33. The more outrageous and profane you are, the better I like it, no matter what you write about. I have to say, I do like food and reading new recipes. I come to read your blog because I am guaranteed a big belly laugh. That feeds my soul. So, please do not change anything. (I was gonna end with, “Rock on, Sistah !”; but it looked lame, so I’m not.) Damn, now I need ice cream and chocolate.

  34. I’ll read whatever you write. I believe you wouldn’t bother writing unless you felt like it. And you have already proven that I will enjoy anything you write because you gots a fine mind and you know how to use the words you know. And you take good pix. And you picks good food. So, write on ’til your well runs dry!

  35. Arriving late here, but agree with all the I WOULD READ WHATEVER YOU HAD TO SAY ABOUT DRYWALL sentiments. Also, check out Jonathan Coulton’s sensitive emo-boy cover of “Baby Got Back,” which is almost as awesome as this blog.

  36. I’m gonna go w/a combo 2/3. Basically, don’t change a damn thing, keep posting what you will, and I’ll keep reading.

  37. I like big butts and I cannot lie. OK – that isn’t really true, but it’s fun to say and reminds me of a really fun visit to LA.

    Your food writing is superb – would hate to lose it. but also love the random commentary on whatever strikes your fancy. keep up the good work! cuss all you want and I’ll be back for more.

  38. As Billy Joel put it…”Don’t go changing…to try and please me…”

    You know the rest. Or if you don’t, I’m far to old and will just be going now.

  39. 2, 3, 4, 6.

    I included 6 mostly because I felt bad leaving it off of a list of non-identity factors of 12; however, I do not mean to imply that I do NOT like it like that. I like it like that, indeed.

  40. 1,2,3,5,6, and 7

    I still complain that the Dodgers left Brooklyn and refuse to cheer for any other baseball team but the Brooklyn Dodgers.

    Nonetheless, this blog has been successful because Michelle has done what Michelle enjoyed doing, and she has done well (notice I’m talking about Michelle in the 3rd person here, not sure why). “Do what ‘cha like”.

    7) I’d like more dirty talk, particularly about sex. Can you say “fuck” more often? Maybe you can talk about injustice in the realm of sex more often….

    Ultimately, the food needs to be in there somewhere, but maybe there is room in the world for a 2nd blog: Michelle’s Opinions, Straight From The Hip (MOSFTH)

  41. I like it all, we would be buds in real life because I would be your sous chef so you could cook enough to feed me also, and I curse like a sailor.
    I do love a colorful turn of a curse!

  42. I like food, opinions and curse words. The more colorful, the better. Of course, I like big butts too. :)

  43. I love this blog. I love it when it’s strictly about food. I love it when it pretends to be about food and is in fact about whatever you feel like talking about and just add pictures of food as an alibi. I would be sad if you just started writing about non-food things and never put in food pictures or food stories or food anecdotes or food. I like food and I like the way you photograph it and write about it. You can put in whatever the fuck you want, just please keep some food in there.

  44. 2,3,4 and 6

    While I love seeing the food you make, I love the commentary more. And the rants, particularly of late. It’s your snarkily clever writing that keeps bringing me back, so talk about whatever’s got you rolling.

  45. 2 + 3 = 6 – okay, it really doesn’t, but those are my choices.
    I came for the food, but I stayed for your incredible writing, including all the cursing. Keep on keepin’ on.

  46. #2 and #5. I do really love all the food-related posts, but I also enjoy the opinions / rantings / curse words that come along with it. Of course, since I chose #5, you can’t trust anything I say.

  47. Your blog makes me happy. In that sense, I feed off of your displeasure. I hope this helps you make a decision (or at least a rant).

  48. It’s all good. Nice too that you seem to be the only food blogger in the whole entire world not wetting her panties over a marshmallow.

  49. 2, 3, 4.
    I’m a lurker and haven’t commented before, but the snark lately has been making this one of my favorite food blogs. However, if you decided to post more pictures of your dogs, I definitely wouldn’t complain. And I would be annoyed by anyone who did complain. Because, dogs!

  50. 2. I came for the food, fell for the snark, and really have enjoyed the new commentary. Loose links has really been interesting. At the risk of turning into someone I’m not, please Michelle follow YOUR bliss – the rest of us will follow that, I”m sure.
    But, if we all like a food blog doesn’t it reasonably follow that we also like big butts??

  51. Mia I had the SAME THOUGHT about JoCo’s Baby Got Back. I recommend his music heartily. He actually wrote a song called “Soft Rocked By Me”

  52. That cover of Baby Got Back is awful and makes me want to punch myself in the face.

    I’m sure you’re lovely people with impeccable taste other than that, but that cover sucks.

  53. 2, 3, 4, 6, (and #7, just because…..)
    I would (and do) read everything you write. You’re funny, articulate, talented and a really good cook! I’d like to be you when I grow up.

  54. 7. Other: You had me at blackberry, elderflower, and thyme sorbet, (because I like putting booze in stuff).
    And 8: All of the above. I like the random shit and the pretty pictures.

  55. Everything except 1. I mean, I like posts about food when I’m on a food blog, but there are a million vanilla food blogs out there, and I read very few (if any) of those. Please, don’t change a thing. Unless you want to. Then we’ll read that, and like it. I need this site like I need a morning cup of tea. Write whatever you want, just don’t stop writing, please.

  56. 2, 3, & 4

    You always make me laugh and while there are a gazillion food blogs out there, you have a uniquely intelligent snarkiness that brings me back wanting more every time I read a post…

  57. I’m new here…but like it. Came from Carol Blymire land. And Rhulman, though he’s very fucking square. Yes to swearing. Yes to ranting. Yes, of course, to food. I’m in for the food and the details of making it. But I believe ol’ Billy said it right: “To thine own self be true.” Just keep on keepin’ on and it’ll be alright. Or not.

  58. hi everyone! thanks again for all the praise, which i’m not sure i entirely deserve, and for reading and supporting TNS. it’s great to hear from the long-time commenters, and lurkers and the newbies – please, everyone, speak up more often!

  59. responding late but 2 & 3 for me, with the caveat that I dislike the posts where it’s just pictures of the food, words about something else entirely and then just a recipe at the end. If those became the majority (which they’re rare now), I would likely stop reading. oh but I have loved that you seem to be posting more frequently lately. It’s fantastic :)

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