Awesome Shit I Would Want if it Cost $4 Monday

I mean, leaving aside the fruit fly issues you would have if you just started using raw broccoli as a decorative centerpiece.

I saw this little tabletop picket fence with accessorized with little broccoli trees and thought, “Cute!”

Then I saw the price tag – $138 – and thought, “Not that cute!”

Then I double-checked to make sure they didn’t mean $138 Monopoly dollars, because what the hell?

Finally, my belief that many objets d’art peddled on the internet by the design-conscious are actually pranks is reinforced.


8 thoughts on “Awesome Shit I Would Want if it Cost $4 Monday

  1. Does broccoli attract fruit flies? I thought only bananas did that. Darn it. Now I know why I have these fruit flies at my desk at work. I need to put the broccoli away. …But they look so cute in my $138 picket fence…

  2. That is SO cute. i want it, too, but my kitchen is already crowded with both the necessities and the cute stuff. Like Karen, i can see duplicating this with popsicle sticks, or with a thin sheet of white plastic, where one could cut out the negative spaces.

    One more fascinating idea i will never try.

    Not to mention that i would have no answer to my very understanding husband when he asked, “what does one do with a broccoli fence?”

  3. Do you think they were able to cut those broccoli SO perfectly that they would stand up on their own, or that they used some kind of glue or sticky stuff to keep them upright, looking like a tree ? these are the things I think of late at night.

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