Loose Links Sink Ships

This is been a bit of a topsy-turvy week chez TNS, so I need to take Friday afternoon to recover with my good friend the Internet. Stoke my righteous feminist anger, Internet!

–  From Kant’s Categorical Imperative: Only take the C train to West Fourth Street if everyone should take the C train to West Fourth Street.

–  My addition would include “please figure out my first name, because it’s right there on the goddamn home page.”

– Yeah! Take that, collage of decorative plates you thrifted, and shove it up your ass.

– Okay, first, like I needed more of a reason to never go to Applebee’s. Second, I think that if you do this, you should prepare to have your firearm covered with grilled shrimp and mixed Italian cheeses.

–  Turnips are not underrated. They’re rated exactly how turnips SHOULD be rated.

–  This makes me feel much better about myself.

–  All lies. Everyone knows they go to secret meetings of the cat freemasons to plot against you.


–  In response, I would like to pass a law that allows the federal government to cease any funding that might benefit Arizona because I pay taxes and it goes against my conscience to knowingly support a state that has actually designated a “state gun.” FYI, it’s the Colt Single Action Army Revolver.

–  Join the circus? CLICHED.

4 thoughts on “Loose Links Sink Ships

  1. That “why does everyone’s apartment look the same” post is interesting…I do notice that the homes of most of the bloggers I read look the same (random birds and branches, splashes of color, random 1950s stuff that takes up space, etc.). I especially notice it because my apartment has no style other than “stuff my friends and family have given me.”

  2. I am quite a pacifistic type, but I often dream of taking a gun to Applebee’s. Actually, a firebomb would be more appropriate. I might be a tad more smug about the fact that the Applebee’s in my ‘hood closed last year, but then again, their bar patrons all go to the evil Molly Spillane’s now.

    That cat cam has to be lies. There is no way you could get a cat to wear that. Every cat I ever had managed to remove all attachments to their collars (tags, bells, etc) in about a month’s time. They would often manage to remove the collars themselves. One of them even managed to dump the collar in the same bin Mom dropped the litter box scoopings.

    Maybe the state gun would do well at Applebees.

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