Awesome Shit That I Want Monday

Really good whiskies and scotches have a certain something about them, a smoky-peaty-honey-orange peel-high pricetag kinda thing.

It is the pricetag that causes me no small amount of distress every December when I set out to buy Brian’s annual bottle of Hannukah distilled happiness: what if he doesn’t like it? And I don’t drink whisky, because it tastes like flambe├ęd leprechaun piss, so I’m forced to rely on the expertise of liquor store employees and the internet.

Enter Master of Malt, where you can buy 3cl samples of a wide variety of spirits as well as variety packs that allow you to taste a range of spirits from a certain region or distiller. I’m thinking of this staff picks scotch tasting set for Bri.

4 thoughts on “Awesome Shit That I Want Monday

  1. Your eloquent description of how these spirits taste is spot-on.

    Of course one of those would knock me on my barely-five-foot-tall ass, so they would serve a purpose nonetheless.

  2. This is pure genius!! I, too, share your taste in these spirits. And yet I always take a sip of my husband’s drink, thinking I might magically start liking it. No dice.

    Now gin…there is a spirit I can whole-heartily support.

  3. Catching up on a week’s worth of your blog. It must be the Celt in me; I love a good single-malt. My current fave is Balvenie. Love the thought of this tasting set, though!

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