Awesome Shit That I Want Monday

There are some things at which the U.S. will never be the best, and we have to accept that. Italy will always have better food. Japan will always produce better random cute things in the shape of kittens. And Scandinavia will always trounce us in product design.

This wool trivet may be the only trivet I’ve ever seen that I’ve actually liked. It’s not shiny. It’s not in the shape of an apple or a heart or a doily. I would be PROUD to use this trivet. NO LONGER WILL HOT POTS BE A SOURCE OF EMBARRASSMENT AND SHAME!

(I really hate metal trivets.)

Well played, Iceland. Well played indeed.

5 thoughts on “Awesome Shit That I Want Monday

  1. It’s beautiful! I should like to wear it as a bracelet, or perhaps a crown. But how in the heck does it not burn? Is there something I’ve been missing all this time about wool?

    Unless I’m getting trivet confused with something else.

    Oh okay I just clicked the link, you put your hot dishes on it to protect your tables. I was thinking it was one of those things you use to diffuse heat from a stovetop element.

    I’m so glad we shared this journey together.

  2. Actually, Hungryandfrozen, wool doesn’t burn the way that other fabrics do. It’s naturally semi-fire-retardant. When you light it on fire, it just sort of…smoulders.

  3. I bet everyone’s house in Scandinavia is always immaculately tidy, too (the better to show off their great-looking consumer items, furniture, and well-designed rooms). Jerks.

    I will take all their trivets and run.

  4. When i first looked at the pic, I thought some company had brought back old fashioned Brillo pads, but in pretty colors, so we could match our kitchen decor. Is that weird, or am I already asleep?

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