Morton's Fork

It’s a thing, really. I suppose it could be worse; I could be facing a Buridan’s ass, or some other whimsically-named dilemma that sounds like a Magic: The Gathering card. Not that I know anything about those.

Option One: Take the recommended number of pain pills. Have one’s pain much reduced, but suffer inability to sleep for more than two hours at a time, ultimately leading to insanity.

Option Two: Take a reduced number of pain pills. Gain ability to sleep for four or five hours at a time, but lose ability to, um, be pain free, ultimately leading to insanity.

There’s no point in asking what Jesus would do, because he died before the age when spinal degeneration makes its presence known, which we’ve established is 34. Probably he would have used his suffering to inspire a cryptic parable that would confuse catechism students for millennia.

Anyway, I’m taking the night off. So there.

7 thoughts on “Morton's Fork

  1. @mark, sadly, weed and i do not get along very well. the last thing i need is to add dizzy, paranoid and paralyzed to my list of infirmities. it’s unfortunate. plus, you’re not exactly local.

  2. Points taken.
    As an insomniac currently going through an acute episode, my E.T.-like sympathy indicator is glowing (or, whatever), and I want to tell you in a totally-non-spam-like way about these anti-insomnia things my wife turned up on the net. I know your non-sleepage is pain-related so this may not help. But there’s something about the thing with the crossed leg (see link) that really does seem to help me get to sleep:
    Ta-da….yes it also sounds like wacky infomercial grossness, but…I find it helps.
    good luck

  3. Try having a glass of wine with your medication. Usually its pretty sedating. Probably not the ‘best’ advice, but it always seems to help me sleep! Good luck!

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