Loose Links Sink Ships

I would like to amend last night’s post to say that I will also accept illegal drugs. Whatever works, you know?I was too busy this week trying to sit perfectly still to avoid jarring bolts of pain, but I did manage to scrounge up a few things I thought you needed to know about.

–  Now you can huff your Red Bull. This stuff is available in Massachusetts, New York and France, so you know it’s some kind of commie bullshit.

– In photo #8, hundreds of Taiwanese release enormous glowing hot cross buns into the night sky.

–  I posit: which of these products makes you more depressed to live in the modern age? It’s Justin Bieber Oralcare vs. the Snuggie’s Redheaded Stepchild.

6 thoughts on “Loose Links Sink Ships

  1. I have leftover pain pills for my dog, but since he only weighs 10 pounds, i don’t think they would be the strength you want.

    I figure when you are in pain, you probably don’t care that they are dog pills.

  2. I would have to cast the majority of my despair towards the Bieber brush…I live with a man who thinks 62 is an acceptable indoor temperature, so I kind of want the “Ponchillow”.

  3. If the doctors HAD given me any pain meds for my stupid hand, I’d be happy to send them to you – the holy-shit pain subsided within a couple days and now it only hurts when I do something dumb with it like try to use it like it’s an ordinary hand. So I wouldn’t need the high-test medications anymore anyway. But I guess they used them all up on the grannies and junkies, because I didn’t get any either.

    I hope the doctor comes around and starts prescribing pronto. 2 weeks of unrelieved agony is ridiculous. It’s 2012, not 1812!

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