Awesome Shit That I Want Monday

A place for everything, and everything in its place. Especially when it comes to beer!

On one hand, I know beer people will jump all over me because each of these beers deserves its own uniquely shaped glass in order that the drinker might best appreciate it.

On the other hand, these pint glasses will stack neatly in limited kitchen cabinet space, and appeal to the more anal among us who really like to label things and don’t pay much attention to the grapefruit aroma on the nose of our pale ales.

Which side are you on?

10 thoughts on “Awesome Shit That I Want Monday

  1. Definitely a right shaped glass for the job guy. I don’t drink wine from a lowball glass, and I don’t drink a $20 dark belgian sour from anything other than a nicely shaped tulip style glass.

  2. I don’t even drink beer and I want these things. Overenthusiastic labeling is the best.

    (Also, question: is your search engine still being tinkered with? I tried to do a search for lamb shanks and came up with zip, and I know you done cooked some lamb shanks on this blog.)

  3. OK, I’m one of those anal retentive proper beer glass people. I’ll drink wine out of a jelly glass if I have to, but beer really needs the proper vessel. Besides, I really hate the lettering on those. My boyfriend,on the other hand, loves his beer but couldn’t care less about what it’s served in, as long as it’s being served. But he’s very sweet, so I guess I’ll have to disregard his more obvious faults.

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