Here Goes Nothing!

If I were a better planner, I would have coordinated this to line up with TNS’s 4th anniversary. Oopsie. Well, better late than never, right? It’s time for a facelift!

So: I wanted clean, with lots of white space. I wanted a change. I wanted to lose the ads and reclaim TNS as a purely personal space that really focuses on the posts. No frou-frou headers, busy sidebars or other cutesy crap. I think this look accomplishes all of that.

I would be remiss if I did not give profuse thanks to my Master WordPress Tinkerer, who puts up with my constant requests for tiny and sometimes contradictory edits to the site with only good humor. She’s quick and responsive, willing to give anything a whirl, full of good ideas and great at what she does. Thanks, Kai!

Please note: when you browse the archives or categories, there are no thumbnail images in the post snippets. I am aware and working on it, but I was too impatient to wait for total perfection.

Take a minute to reorient yourself, and then let loose on me in the comments. I might not pay attention to you, but it’s good for you to vent your spleen.


20 thoughts on “Here Goes Nothing!

  1. Looks great! I did notice, though, that on the side it says, “This post was artisinally handcrafted just for YOU using only the finest in locally sourced vocabulary on 16 Jan 2012, and is filled under news.” Shouldn’t it be “filed?” (Sorry, picky-reading is what I do as my day job.)

  2. If you ignore the fact that I don’t like change of any kind, then it’s ok I guess. I like the lack of ads, and some of the lines of it. I’ll get used to most of the rest.

    I don’t like the font I’m seeing as I’m typing this comment, or the look of the “spoiling your dinner…” font at the top. I liked seeing the full “Thursday Night Smackdown”, but TNS maybe has a touch of panache to it, and here at home we do call you the “TNS Lady”.

    I’d like a bit more color, this one feels a bit washed out with the pale grays and the pale citrine/peridot green on the links; it’s a bit hard on my eyes.

    I love the “TNS” font and the look of that icon. And your picture selections are always primo. Like the overall layout this way.

    Ok, that’s all I got.

  3. @foodgarden, i really appreciate all the feedback. the font and grays/greens used on the new site should actually be identical to the old TNS; i’ll double check tho. thanks!

  4. I am all for change, but I’m kinda not thrilled with the “TNS” shoved to the left sidebar, almost as an afterthought. What if you put “Thursday Night Smackdown” at the top, and the “spoiling your dinner since 2008″ underneath it? The font is neat, but it seems like people might not know it’s actually called Thursday Night Smackdown”

    Otherwise, futz away!

  5. Like a lot, but kinda miss your list of fellow bloggers; it was a way to see what inspires you and to find other (but never as awesome, of course) food interests and learnin’s. I have to agree with the others in that TNS should be spelled out somewhere. I do not object to the TNS logo as you have it, but those who are not already followers may be curious.

  6. hi, everyone! i really appreciate your comments, positive and negative. i think that overall, the site is going to stay as-is, but i’m sure i’ll have some tweaks as i live with it a bit longer and i’ll definitely take your feedback into account.

    thank you!

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