I Just Killed a Hobo with a Hammer

Don’t worry, no wizened rail-riders full of life lessons were killed in the making of this post, so don’t go tattling to the authorities like a squealer.  But I DO have a secret to share.

Despite the fact that you all are, for the most part, a bunch of total strangers, I feel odd keeping secrets from you. Yet here I have been, sitting on top of a doozy since late September.  It’s partly to blame for the year-end dearth of posting and will influence TNS in the future, so it’s only right that I spill the beans.

In several posts last year, I alluded to Life Changing Plans to Actualize Hope and Dreams that were consuming my mental energy. I also asked you to share your best tips for making mayo-based potato salad.

If you REALLY loved me and were REALLY astute, you would have put two and two together and figured out that Brian and I are now on month four of a five-year plan that culminates in us moving to the Outer Banks of North Carolina and opening a barbecue joint and catering service.

The concept: from-scratch global barbecue with fresh flavors and imaginative sides.  East Carolina pulled pork,  Texas brisket and Kansas City ribs, yes. But also Cuban pork with mojo, pulled beef with chimichurri, five-spice pork loin, Thai-style ribs and more.

We are currently in phase one of the plan, which involves a lot of recipe development and testing, and a lot of spreadsheets. Also, eating a lot of barbecue in the name of research.

What this means for you: nothing, really. Well, I may be asking for more of your opinions. And at some point, we’ll make trips to U.S. barbecue meccas like Memphis, KC and Austin – there’s that “research” again – so maybe there will be some TNS meetups or something? But overall, your lives will be functionally the same.

So there you go: I am unburdened. You know all my secrets. And if you are planning a trip or special event on the Outer Banks in the spring of 2017 or onward, be sure to look up Sweet Biscuit Barbecue.

The floor is now open for questions.


45 thoughts on “I Just Killed a Hobo with a Hammer

  1. Dude, if you guys need a place to stay in Kansas City, I have an extra room! It’ll be like 1998 all over again!

  2. If y’all make your way to Memphis, I’d love to show you some of my favorite BBQ joints. Your blog is a real favorite of mine and I’m so excited for y’all in your new endeavors.

  3. weeee!!! whereabouts in the OBX?

    I live in Durham (Foodiest small city in America accordint to the illustrious NYT and their freakish love affair with us *rolleyes*) and have a few visits to various spots along the coast every year…would love to see yours!!

    much luck!!! NC is a great place….

  4. Congratulations! Gollee the world needs more barbecue. And how glamorous is Outer Banks as a place to live?! My in-laws recently bought a home in St. Simon’s GA which is not at all close but maybe just maybe we can do a drive South and hit up Sweet Biscuit along the way!

  5. delurking to say CONGRATS! What an exciting adventure! I wish I lived in the area so I could eat at your place all the time. Good luck to you and your hubby!

  6. Well that rules. I will have to make a trip down there at some point in my life (awfully thoughtful of you to make it 5 years out; I know I won’t be able to get to the Outer Banks anytime soon), because this sounds like a world of deliciousness.

  7. Great concept! Yah, ya concept’s good. And I win, too, as I frequent OBX. Will chow down as necessary to help your business succeed. Looking forward to your posts as you get closer to actualizing your hopes and dreams.

  8. Terrific! So happy for you both. I have no connections, cash, or advice to give you, but will be monitoring progress so that we can definitely be among your earliest customers!

    Terrifyingly exciting!

    Ann Marie

  9. That is so exciting! I’m ready to watch Guy Fieri visit you! (I’d go too if I was a little closer, but Phoenix is quite a hike). What will the desserts be like?

  10. Excellent! I’ve always wanted to see Kittyhawk. I can wait five years. Glad to hear the life-changing plans revolve around food. I was terrified you’d decided to become a doctor or something ghastly.

  11. thanks for all the good wishes, everyone – we’re pretty psyched, too!

    @kristen, i’m still working on desserts. definitely my bourbon-gingersnap banana pudding, a bread pudding and a coconut cake. got some ideas for me?

  12. This sounds great! It’s awesome to see people following their dreams. You guys are an inspiration.

    My in-laws’ place is in the Core Banks, near Beaufort. We’ll definitely make a point of getting up to your place – I’d love to see more of the OBX. Best of luck with everything!

  13. Way cool! Add me to the guide list for the Memphis excursion — we’ll road trip off into the Arkansas Delta and give some of the classic holes-in-the-wall a try.

    Will e-mail you my Crittenden County Jail Slaw recipe. It’s the best slaw in the world for barbecue. I promise this.

    And, re: desserts. I believe it may be illegal to have a barbecue joint in the South that doesn’t serve lemon icebox pie for dessert. Or perhaps that’s just in the Memphis/MidSouth area.

  14. OMG! I was holding my breath thinking, she’s gonna have a baby LOL!! I think opening a restaurant will be a lot like labor, only take a lot looonnngggeeerrrr…. Good luck, can’t wait to visit you there!

  15. i know this is way to early for your plans, but please include a BBQ Sampler appetizer or entree plate for those of us who can’t pick JUST ONE.

  16. I’m not creative enough to come up with appropriate yet imaginative dessert ideas! I just like to hear about them and eat them. I’ll take a slice of coconut cake, please! (I will say that I always look for a fruit-y crisp-type dessert at BBQ joints) (and lemon meringue pie sounds really yummy right now too)

  17. SO COOL! I love it! Gives me hope of opening my dream bakery or breakfast place some day… Law firms kill your soul… or at least they are killing mine.

  18. OMG Michelle that is amazing. I am so happy and proud for you to realize your dreams of barbecue. I would totally visit and eat too much and be full and burpy.

  19. Good for you! It’s great that you’re going to do something you love. Not everyone is that lucky. Can’t wait until it opens and I have an excuse for an Outer Banks vacation. Best of luck!

  20. So………. can I come visit you on OBX when I need to escape the New York crazies? I’m a great houseguest, I pay in delicious baked things.

    Just sayin… Because the OBX is the one part of my home state I lurve.

  21. I’m going to be the only sibling without my own restaurant. I feel so empty.

    Seriously, that is wonderful and exciting news! All the more reason for us to visit OBX with an appetite.

  22. whoa. just catching up in my reader. dang. I love your blog, so I guess I’ll be heading down for some BBQ. makes my mouth water just to think of it.

  23. Wow. Good for you. As we are making a huge change in our lifestyle this year, can’t wait to read updates. Glad to see others embracing change. Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!

  24. This is great. We hope to be in Kill Devil Hills full-time by 2017, too. Perhaps you will have a job for me! Seriously, congratulations….I’m so excited to hear about other folks that love it there as much as we do, and the menu items suggested above don’t hurt one bit.

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