I'm Not Dead Yet

I think I’ll go for a walk now.

It has been brought to my attention by various commenters and emailers that I have neglected to post anything during the month of December.  Concerned parties are worried that I am:

  • Suicidally depressed
  • Trapped in a burning barn
  • Quitting
  • Fleeing the country after having defrauded my investors

Rest assured that none of the above are true. I am filled with holiday vim, my barn is fine, I’m not going anywhere, and you’ll all see a positive return on your cash. All you have to do is sign up two more people, and have each of them sign up two people. Eventually, the money will start flowing in.

I do apologize for not offering you 25 days of Christmas cookies, or 8 days of latkes. You’ve probably all been eating ramen and dry cereal for the past 20 days, and that weighs heavily on me.

The truth: I am suffering from what we in the business call “burn out.” It’s been, what, four years? And I’d rather take a break than force myself to blog and have it turn into a chore. Thus, I am absenting myself for the whole month and will return, a renewed force, in the New Year.

In the meantime, I offer you non-denominational wintertime greetings. Thank you for caring about TNS and me enough to reach out. I love you guys.

See you in 2012!

21 thoughts on “I'm Not Dead Yet

  1. yeah I was one of those “rabid fans” who emailed you panicking. I’m glad you’re okay and look forward to seeing you refreshed and snarky in 2012 :)

  2. I’m the last person to go around complaining about other bloggers not posting. My brain is so full with Christmas prep that I’m not terribly inclined to be out inventing new recipes and blogging the entire boring story behind them as I usually do.

    I can deal with Friday morning disappointment. Go enjoy your break!

  3. Yay! Glad you’re ok. I do miss your snark, but as a random stranger who’s been entertained by your blog over the past several months, I would rather have you happy and not posting than posting and not happy. Enjoy your holidays, and we’ll see you when we see you :) I’m keeping you in my feed, just ’cause I’m the hopeful type.

  4. I’m so glad to hear you’re not quitting and that I’ll be eating something other than burnt toast in the new year. I’ve heard rumors that bloggers do start to burn out after 3 – 4 years, so take as long as you need, enjoy your holidays, and we’ll be right here – eating our ramen, dry cereal, and (in my case) burnt toast.

  5. So good to hear from you! I figured you just needed some down time; can’t wait to start seeing your posts again soon! Merry Christmas!

  6. Happy to hear you’re not suicidally depressed or anything. I was worried. I think burn out it something we can all understand. Do what you gotta do.

    Merry Holidays to you.

  7. Glad to know you are ok. We worry about you, not neccesarily burning barns, but…you know.

    Happy Holidays and looking forward to your phoenix-like rising in the new year.

  8. Dammit, I TOLD you about playing with matches! :) Glad all’s well. Happiest of holidays, happiest of birthdays, hope you enjoy lots of good food, and tell us about it when you’re ready.

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