Awesome Shit to Buy for Others Cyber Monday

It’s the Monday after Thanksgiving, that joyous day when we all engage in extreme time theft at work in order to procure gifts for our loved ones from online merchants.

My usual Monday posts notwithstanding, I am an advocate of giving a small gift and then making a donation to a worthy cause in the giftee’s honor. Because after all, do we or do we not already have enough crap in our homes?

Last year I did Heifer International; this year, the International Rescue Committee has several giving options that appeal to the foodie in me, like emergency food for children and investments in community gardens. Children get fed, everyone gets the warm fuzzies and no one has to figure out what to do with another set of snowman hot coca mugs.

(If you insist on selfishly spending your money on more crap, however, you could do worse than to check out this crazy shit. $200? Madness!)

3 thoughts on “Awesome Shit to Buy for Others Cyber Monday

  1. Call me naive, but WOW Amazon really sell everything in the world.
    This year I’m angling hard for all gifts to be eat or imbibe-able but that could just be extreme laziness coupled with disorganisation.

  2. Ditto what Celestine said. Hope all is well and it’s just a ‘I’m-too-fucking-busy-with-the-fucking-holidays-to-give-a…’ See, now you have to come back and fill in the blanks and swear more creatively than I could.

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