4 thoughts on “Migration Vacation

  1. Hey! We recently bought a place in Kill Devil Hills and are having such a good time exploring alllll the great places to eat. Our best so far was Aqua in Duck. I’m hoping you are going to do a recap of your week?

  2. @beth, i didn’t take many pictures and wasn’t planning on a recap, but i can tell you where *i* love to eat when i’m down there. ocean boulevard is great for a date night, but i also love the more laid-back roadside grill in duck; their shrimp and grits ROCK as does their pork chop. duck deli has my fave hushpuppies, and their smoked tuna sub is pretty killer. nags head pier is dingy looking, but great for fresh seafood. kill devil grill seems to always have great specials.

    i’ve heard really good things about red sky, but haven’t been yet.

    for ridonkulous barbecue, drive north until you come to the corolla lighthouse, make a left, and follow the signs for bbq. classic carolina, and their baked beans are no joke, either.

    and, of course, i must plug my family’s joint, the wave pizza cafe in duck.

    happy eating!

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