I have terrible, raging heartburn because, as mentioned in the previous post, I am apparently old as dirt. I can’t imagine eating anything other than toast tonight, so you’ll have to excuse me.

It all falls apart after 30, kids.

6 thoughts on “Tum-Tu-Tu-Tum-TUMS.

  1. I’ve had gastric reflux since I was 22. Treated with Nexium every single day. And it still sometimes gets the better of me. Something to do with a weak sphincter, is all I ever hear from the doctor before I start laughing too hard to listen. heh. Sphincter.

  2. i take ranitidine for my heartburn. it still bothers me if i have to take too many ibuprofen but for the most part it controls it well.

  3. Wait until you hit 50. My spouse is 9 years younger than I, and is almost the age I was when we got together and says, “I can’t believe that when we got together I made you ((insert activity, like swing dancing, here)). How did you do it?” I just laugh and shrug it off, but my warranty started running out long ago.

  4. My go-to for heartburn is Pepsid Complete tablets. They are more expensive than Tums or Rolaids, but they are like GOLD when I need one. Unfortunately the last time I went to Target to stock up they were MIA – a quick search showed they are on a recall for a potential loose screw in some equipment which MAY have had the possibility of scratching the freshness seal. Um? Excuse me my heartburn does not care if my pepsids are a bit stale! So you may not be able to get it for this round, but definitely pick some up when you can. In the mean time, I’ve heard watermelon works wonders in a pinch. Watermelon Margaritas though? Not so much. Good luck, you’re not alone!!

  5. Heartburn has been my nemesis for many, many years. I’ve recently had fewer problems (weight loss; I can see the problem returning as I return to my normal eating habits), but in the past, when it was really bad (as in continuous problems with almost everything I put in my mouth), I started taking omeprazole (generic Prilosec) in the otc dose. Works like a charm and my doctor OK’d it to take on a continuous basis. Of course, I’m not on any other medications, so I can’t say if you’d have any interactions, but it’s absolutely worth checking with you doctor about it if this is a continuous problem.

  6. wait till you hit 50!!!!!! Skip all that other otc crap and try 1/2 tsp baking soda in 1 cup water, stir, hold nose and drink…cures what ails ya!

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