It's Nothing Personal

I know, I know; you were expecting an invitation to Smoke-a-Thon V: The Brisketing.

It just that there are, you know, a LOT of you. And only one of me, and one of Brian. And we live in a small apartment. And then there’s that thing where I don’t really like parties, and got TOTALLY OVERWHELMED having 75+ people crammed up in my hizzy last year. I’ve decided my hizzy has a 25-person limit.

So this year, it’s neighbors and family and a few friends who were grandfathered in, and apologies to everyone else. We’ll have more barbeques this summer. Eventually, we’ll feed you all.

In the meantime, check out some of these barbie-friendly recipes to throw a hootenanny of your own:

Apricot, Pistachio and Spiced Chickpea Orzo Salad

Fresh Corn Salad with Buttermilk-Lime Dressing

Roasted Potato Salad

Carolina-Style Pulled Pork

Cuban-Style Pulled Pork with Spicy Pineapple Relish

Lime and Cumin-Marinated Skirt Steak

Grownup Banana Pudding

6 thoughts on “It's Nothing Personal

  1. Oooh…I think people are taking it personally. :( Nobody is commenting. So I will say, on behalf of all your readers, we totally understand.

  2. You should raffle off a tray of banana pudding to one of your readers. That should appease everyone. Though I guess I’m not sure how you’d ship it.

  3. Damn, no invitation and I’m going to driving right through your area this weekend! Well, if I happen to be in Jersey City and smell the smoker going, I might have to crash the party anyway…you can’t really expect me to just ignore it, can you?

    Have a great Smoke-a thon Michelle! I know there will be new recipes to follow!

  4. This inspired me to make Ish Salad tonight. It is really good! Hope you have a fantastic Memorial Day! :)

  5. Well, you’re a bit out of my commute range for a party, so I’ll just enjoy vicariously when you post about it. Meanwhile, here on the hillside over the lake, we’re doing pork loin, smoked duck breast, duck confit finished on the grill, baked beans, multigrain salad, black bean and corn salad, and whatever else I think of ‘twixt now and then!

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