8 thoughts on “Awesome Shit That I Want Monday

  1. YES! frybread tacos and Bud Lite slushies at the Cedar Pass Lodge Restaurant in Badlands National Park!

  2. I like it but wouldn’t Bourbon be better for Kentucky? Maybe I just think that Bourbon is better for everything.

  3. Illinois: Popcorn and Apples, seriously? Deep dish pizza, Italian beef, Chicago hot dogs and sweet corn. Sheesh.

  4. I’m originally from Southern Illinois, and there are tons of apple orchards around those parts, so I can understand the apples…..but popcorn??? Really??? I agree with Peggasus – Italian Beef would have been a better choice. And no cheese in Wisconsin?

  5. Kentucky…yes Bourbon. We have blackberries here but the bourbon seems more plentiful Or maybe thats just at the places I hang out…

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