Vacation Eats: Day 2B


After an afternoon at the Institute of Contemporary Art, which confirmed that we are, in fact, philistines, we wandered over to Drink, a cocktail bar near the museum.

HOLY CRAP, Y’ALL.  You must come to Boston, and you must visit this bar.

old fashioned

Brian had the best Old Fashioned he’s ever had in his life, followed by an equally exemplary Sazerac and Vieux Carre.

the maximillian affair

I first asked for “something with St. Germain,” and was given a Maximillian Affair, a mix of St. Germain, vermouth, mezcal and lemon juice. It is my new official drink. Paired with equally addicitive grilled cheese sandwiches of gorgonzola, cheddar and pear, I’d have skipped dinner entirely had we not had reservations.

dr. funk

Next, I demanded “something sweet with rum that isn’t a daquiri” and received the comically named Dr. Funk, a cocktail of rum, pastis, grenadine and lemon. Yes, it really is that color.

Eventually, we pried ourselves away from the bar and cabbed it back over to the South End for dinner at B&G Oysters.


Sadly, I dislike oysters (it’s a texture thing). Luckily, everything else there is really really good.


Like this cornmeal-crusted fluke with green garlic puree, farro and roasted carrots. (Sorry for the noisy photos; it was really too dim to be taking photos, but I did it anyway).

a nice piece of fish

Equally as good – I say better – was the sturgeon with creamy polenta, lamb and pea ragout and mint pesto.

the lady will have the sturgeon

Tomorrow, we hit up the North End and gorge on cannoli before hauling ourselves back to New Jersey.

I love vacation.

8 thoughts on “Vacation Eats: Day 2B

  1. grilled cheese and fabulous drinks… that is a vacation! And I live only an hour away, I must bookmark this!

  2. Should you go back to Drink, and ask the bartender about the ice in Brian’s Old Fashion (or a lot of their rocks drinks), you will get a longer and more interesting than expected explanation about their special ice and how it melts at a certain rate that accentuates your drinking experience. If I remember correctly, they will use the same cup/cube for up to 3 drinks. If they don’t touch a particular block over the course of a night, it can be reused.

    For you cannoli, if not too late, I prefer Modern. They fill them to order. As. It. Should. Be.

  3. I’m so happy you’re going to so many of my favorite places here in Boston! I wish you were staying longer so I could make you go to Trina’s Starlite Lounge for hot dogs and mac and cheese, Highland Kitchen for buffalo brussel sprouts, and a million other places on my side of the river. Have a blast!!

  4. Gotta say the best way to eat oysters is fresh out of the water and you pry them open yourself. No condiments necessary. And yes, I do understand the texture thing but they are yummy.

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