4 thoughts on “Wordless Weekend: Ravioli, Part II

  1. OMG Goat Butter is the best thing ever. I have a friend whose husband makes it – Goat Butter + toasted home-made Sourdough bread is the Snack of the Gods.

  2. A) those look amazing.

    B) Goat butter-I’m assuming it’s made with goat’s milk instead of cow milk. Is there a noticeable taste difference? Like if you were served goat butter and regular butter on something in a blind taste test would you be able to tell the difference? If so, what’s the main difference? Is it tangy like goat cheese or something? Anyone know? Thanks :)

  3. Those look gorgeous, and my vegetarian sister would totally approve. No goat butter here, though. I always think goat products taste like tin cans and hair.

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