75 thoughts on “Liveblogging Top Chef All Stars: Episode 13

  1. I really liked Tiffany in her season, but the longer she survives on all stars, the more she grates on my nerves.

  2. Ugh, frikkin’ Hosea did it again. Not that his food was good, it was that someone else made a mistake. His whole season was like that.

  3. I think in the very close cases, the judges went with the currently competing chef. Confidence booster before the elimination challenge. Yeah. That’s what I’m going with to explain the mike/mike phenomenon.

  4. no, Carla! stop psyching yourself out! don’t let this be a repeat of your finals! Yay Antonia for cheering her up :)

  5. Hello…. Bohemian royalty. There’s no real formal royalty in the bohemian world. But Mike bothers me in falling into the “my food is going to be too refined for common folk” way of thinking.

  6. Richard’s going right for my heart with the pickled turnips. There’s a restaurant here that has a phenomenal pickled vegetable plate and there’s alway turnips and they’re always my favorite.

  7. I thought I’d missed something else! I thought Cajun was… well, New Orleans, not the Caribbean. Some of the cultural influences are the same, but I wouldn’t assume they’d like the food stuffs. Just seems… naive?

  8. Wow – Tom’s comment about Antonia’s garnish being from HoJo’s was like Bourdain. I think they’ve been spending too much time together.

  9. Jess – At the least, Antonia fried her shrimp.

    It’s a lot easier to make a small something like shrimp taste like grease than a larger thing like a pork loin.

  10. I’m getting flashbacks of “Best in Show” I used to memorize the names of all the nuts…. hickory nut….pistachio nut…red pistachio nut…

  11. Congrats. Yours was the worst in a shit storm. And you just admitted to not caring. And maybe it’s just my memory failing me, but is Mike’s dish similar to what Richard’s original plan was?

  12. I’m definitely bummed, but watching with you guys was a lot of fun! I hope I can make it again when our esteemed hostess is here too!

  13. Crap!I thought she was going to win the season!Rooting for Mike I(for no apparent reason,except he know Mike V)

  14. In all the down time if any of these boobs had bothered to check out the Bahamas on Wikipedia they’d have known there ain’t no Bahamian royalty and it was a TRICK!!!

    stoopid chefs. Why did they dumb down their food? Ordinary folks live fine dining.

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