9 thoughts on “Wordless Weekend: Shrimp and Black-Eyed Peas

  1. Oh wow, that really looks so good I just had to Google the recipe and found it on the Food Network website. How did you like it? Also, I’m allergic to shellfish, so do you think chicken would be a worthy substitution or should I just make the salad alone?

  2. an, we really enjoyed it. i think chicken would be a fine substitution, and the bean salad was great on its own.

    emily, sure did.

    amy, wow! coming from you, that means a lot. thanks!

  3. What a delicious looking dish, and I love the photos you took, especially the one of the three zests…inspired. I don’t own a Tyler Florence book, but I may need to go buy this one! – S

  4. man, I LOVE me some black eyed peas…the bit of toast to the garlic cloves must have been lovely

    scene from New Year’s Day here in Durham, NC:

    New Year's Day Peas

  5. OMG, I made this right after you posted it, and it was TO DIE FOR. I ate those black-eyed peas for lunch for about three days afterward (it made a LOT of peas), and I licked the bowl every time! Also, I may start putting that spice rub on everything I cook. I’ve already used it on pan-seared fish and grilled chicken to great avail.

    NB: The recipe is on the Food Network site.

  6. I’ve this recipe in my to-try pile since you posted it, and just made it for a dinner part two nights ago. Delicious. Agreed with the above poster that it made ALOT of peas and ALOT of dressing… But nonetheless, very very tasty. I served the whole thing over some shredded romaine that I dressed with the same dressing, and it was a big hit with all my guests. Thank you!

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