5 thoughts on “Awesome Shit That I Want Monday

  1. Yep, you could totally make this one yourself, without much knowledge or talent. For a hell of a lot less than $1800.00. In fact, I probably have most of the stuff lying around right now. Could be an entertaining little project, come to think of it. Wonder if I could find some sucker willing to pay $1800.00?

  2. looks like it would attract a pile of dust. since i’m one of the less…ummm…diligent of housekeepers it would be coated in dust more than it would look lovely and pristine as it does on the photo.

    i have a question for you. what can i use as a substitute for wine (or grape juice) in a recipe? water is a little bland and doesn’t give any kind of robustness.

    my husband is allergic to the tannins in wine/grate juice and he gets migraines. red wine will have us in er for pain relief within 20 minutes. white gives us an hour, but he still ends up in hospital for some heavy duty pain relief. i’ve tried apple juice but it’s just…weird.

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