Smackdown: A Deafening Silence




Usually, when the Crazy gets this bad, I take a little break or inundate you with guest posts. There was no time for the latter, so I guess I’m going to go with the former and take the night off. Here, have some pictures.

Above: Shitake Mushrooms


Chicken marinating in wine, olive oil and garlic

Chicken, now dredged in flour, frying up

Mushroom redux

It’s the riesling that makes this “coq au riesling”

All together now

Preparing to enrich the sauce

winner winner

chicken dinner
Is served

7 thoughts on “Smackdown: A Deafening Silence

  1. But you did post, which is a hellava lot more than I would do..erm…have done a zillion times. Nice chicken. Fascinated by the egg. Really? Inquiring minds want to know. Okay, well, I want to know.

  2. honestly, though, i find it admirable that you still posted. you cook a magnificent-looking meal, took great photos, and put everything up while keeping your wit. you deserve some credit for that!

  3. I gotta say, crazy kinda works for you! That is some fine looking Coq au Riesling! All joking aside, I am amazed at how well you manage to keep it together, with all the turmoil you’re feeling inside. I hope this rough patch passes soon, and you start feeling better. And I hope you get some relief from the snow!

  4. Holy fuck, that looks good. Ok, that’s going on the menu next week, but I might do it with quail instead of chickens. My father recently bestowed quail, duck, and venison upon me from a couple of hunting trips, so I’ll be adapting several recipes along the way.

    ditto on the emergency chocolate comment.

  5. echoing kellypea, you did post and something delicious to boot. was that tarragon or parsley? and, fascinated by the egg enrichment process. have added yolks but never whole eggs. i just learned something.

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