6 thoughts on “Wordless Weekend: Rye

  1. Sigh. Looks lovely. Now, if I had two big slabs of that, and some corned beef, I could use the swiss and the sauerkraut I have, and we’d be in business…

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  3. Hmmm. I tried that recipe a while ago, and found it a bit…tasteless (or at least not what I was hoping for: i.e.; Polish rye from Chicago). I cobbled together a few other recipes last week and I got the flavor I wanted, but not the texture, it was too dense. I think next time I’ll try some vital wheat gluten in it.

    And caraway is NOT optional, according to me.

  4. Am I wrong to not like caraway in my rye bread or otherwise? Never thougth to use cocao though. Now there’s a thought.

    Of course I want to come back at this point with one simply titled “Harrison”. If you grew up in Harrison NY, you’ll understand why.

  5. I’ll take mine without the caraway seeds, thank you. Regardless of the seeds, that looks like some mighty tasty bread, though! Were you able to duplicate the perfect chewy crust you can only find in NY/NJ? I think I miss that more than anything else about living in north Jersey (sigh). Bakeries here in Pennsylvania just can’t seem to produce a decent rye bread, or hard rolls, even though we can get fantastic bagels. Go figure.

  6. Love the rye bread! Your recipe is similar to one for pumpernickel that I got off the rye flour bag waaay back in the 80s. Made great bagels too. I may have to start baking again!

    PS — your Top Chef posts kill me! And I have always found Restaurant Wars to be the most tedious of episodes.

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