13 thoughts on “File Under: Why?

  1. Dining with Douchbag. Really, though? His brand of jackwaggery (thx julie) is tailor made for a certain Real Housewives-ish clientele. He’s the gay hobbit equivalent of that tranny exdruggie prostitute with the fake cheekbones from RHNJ, whatever her name was.

  2. The last thing his ego needs is an entire show celebrating him. On the other hand, maybe this will keep him out of Top Chef stuff in the future. Seems like Bourdain actually got it right except Marcel World exists in reality.

  3. While I’m frightened by the level of douchebaggery this show will contain, I find the schmuck strangely attractive so I might just watch with the volume off.. >_<

  4. I just discovered Fabio’s blog-here is his take on Restaurant Wars:


    “Dale is a FREAKING GENIUS….. he pick Marcel cause he knew exactly that he needed to pick someone with such a big ego that he would’ve run the other team right into a wall….. Mike Isabella was right, Marcel Vigneron is a TIME BOMB.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like Marcel passion, I like Marcel technique, what I don’t like about Marcel are his people skills, thumbs down to Marcel people skills, he needs to learn a lots.”

    “Tiffany, Angelo, Mike, Antonia are GREAT chefs, as Marcel is…… but Dale just handed a 600Hp Lamborghini in the hands of a teenager !! He will kill himself eventually….. I’ll just cut his break off, by running a PERFECT 10 restaurant to make sure he does it as soon as possible!! haha !!”

    “FYI. Yes i have a Bromance with Richard Blais, Stefan is officially dismissed.
    FYI number 2. Marcel went home. Lamborghini is NOT car for Teenager. BOOM”

    the blog also has pics of Richard with hearts drawn on them for FYI #1 :)

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