Taciturn Tuesday Tart

cropped nuts

It’s hard to maintain a food blog when there’s no food in the house. Or the grocery store, for that matter. Damn blizzard.

So here, have a pine nut and honey tart from Gina DePalma’s Dolce Italiano: Desserts from the Babbo Kitchen that I made for Christmas Eve but never posted.

Blending the dry.

Cubing the butter.

Shaping the dough.

Rolling it out.

bubble bubble toil and trouble
Boiling the honey.

whisk it good
Mixing in the cream.

nuts for nuts
Spreading out the nuts.

filled to the brim
Pouring the custard.


Sorry there’s no close up; it was Christmas Eve, the lighting was dim, and I was three sheets to the wind on prosecco and peach brandy.

It’s like a grown-up Italian version of pecan pie! So good. This book comes highly recommended. Now let’s hope I can acquire some food by dinnertime on Thursday, or I’ll force you to read a whole, picture-less post of haiku about how very hungry I am.

4 thoughts on “Taciturn Tuesday Tart

  1. Dang! That looks spectacular! Do you know how much the pine nuts/pignoli cost when I was up in Chicagoland this weekend?

    SIXTEEN dollars a pound! WTF?

  2. Wow, it just so happens that I’ve got a fairly large quantity of pine nuts hidden away in my freezer. I’ve been debating what to do with them, and you’ve just solved my dilemma! I love pecan pie or any variation thereof, but I can never eat an entire slice because it’s too rich, so mini tarts would be just perfect! I hope they get your store shelves restocked soon!Damn, you really got dumped on with this storm! We got nothing here in Central PA, but it’s very early in the season, so I’m sure well get hit eventually.

  3. Michelle – so sorry to hear you’re snowed in & hope you are able to get out soon to get supplies for your New Year’s Celebration. In SW Ontario, we had a major dump of snow – 6 feet or so, about 3 weeks ago. Still have 6 ft piles of snow at every corner & at the end on every laneway. BTW – the pie looks fab – would have to sub slivered almonds for the pine nuts – what do you think??

    Have a wonderful 2011 – love reading your blog.

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