Shit That I Don't Actually Want

What I want: an errand boy to run to the grocery store for me so I don’t have to go out and possibly freeze to death in a snowdrift.

What I don’t want:

mooseThey’re pewter. They’re shaped like moose. They’re salt and pepper shakers. I don’t want them, but they kind of crack me up, because: who does?

You have $65 burning a hole in your pocket: what do you buy before buying these? Go.

10 thoughts on “Shit That I Don't Actually Want

  1. These are like fancy versions of cow salt and pepper shakers my grandma has. So maybe she would need these for special occasions – or maybe she’d give them to my uncle who lives up in the Yukon.

    With $65 of “buy loony shit” money, I don’t even know where I’d start – definitely things shaped like other things, but not fancy-pants pewter versions!

  2. The turkey alarm clock that gobbles and the snooze button sounds like a rifle shot. It’s the best thing in the Cabela’s catalog that I’ll never buy.

  3. Its funny. One of my Aunt’s gives presents like this except WAY WAY cheaper and more useless.

    She gives them with serious intention but my biggest pleasure is in seeing what I’m actually going to get this year and how useless it is.

  4. Dude, I DO want these. I enjoy me some silly moose related paraphernalia. You should see my collection of stuffed moose.

  5. When I see these I think “Sarah Palin” – which makes me mad. I can’t believe she has gotten to me so much to the point that she has ousted Bullwinkle as the top moose reference in my brain.

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