5 thoughts on “Awesome Shit That I Want Monday

  1. When I was growing up and had a fireplace, we had one of those old-fashioned, Little House-style fireplace popcorn poppers. We used it a few times, but the popcorn tended to be rather burned and smoky.

    I have a stovetop popper. It’s an aluminum pot with an agitator. You just turn the crank (no shaking needed) while it sits on the stove. Makes a pretty good pot of popcorn. Thanks to Karen I am now dying to try duck fat in it.

  2. how about ye olde air popper? $20 at big box retailer, $5 at Goodwill…

    and your lack of microwave…is it health reasons? some sort of principled purpose? or cheapness?

  3. You need a Whirly-Pop! I think that’s what Rachel’s talking about, with her fancy aluminium pot w/agitator…I really enjoy the phrase “Whirly-Pop” so I make sure to refer to it by name as often as possible. Anyway, fancy name or no, it makes great popcorn and it’s kind of fun to use.

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