Mostly Wordless Weekend: BBQ Festival


A fine way to spend a Saturday afternoon.


Stock up on tickets.


Check out the smokers.


Then EAT. Dirty corn and smoked beans.




Pulled pork sandwiches.

the musical fruit

Secondary beans, with extra pork.

mrs. hot dog

Glazed pork skewers.


Pork ribs.


Scavengers. (We didn’t eat them.)

it's pudding time, children

Pudding, served in individual ball jars. Genius!


Available in chocolate…


or banana.

Vive le BBQ!

15 thoughts on “Mostly Wordless Weekend: BBQ Festival

  1. I’m loving the Ball jar idea for pudding, too; would be great for any kind of individual dessert when you were having a party. And given that they’re heatproof, you should be able to bake in them long as you did it in a water-bath….I’m seeing tiny cobblers, here!

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  3. Skewer shot reminds me that Robyn and I need to take you a-gluttoning in Flushing. I have discovered the Xinjiang BBQ Man, and he serves up the richest, juiciest, smokingest lamb kebabs I’ve encountered outside of western China.

    Also, I’m in D.C. now and would love to host you if you’re ever in the area.

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