12 thoughts on “Not Liveblogging Top Chef Just Desserts: Episode 2

  1. Seth (the guy who worked for Harold) had a complete meltdown at the end of the Quickfire and Elizabeth Falkner (guest judge) had to go comfort him. Will be interesting to see what happens/if there is fallout with the other chefs.

  2. What the hell? Damn comcast to hell. mommy, red hots, crying (and neck boil). OK, guess I’ll have to wait for your snarky brilliance until your box comes.

  3. And… what about the fact that Seth declared himself one of the two hetero guys… then proceeded to cry like a huge baby while COWERING UNDER THE TABLE and sniveling about his “mommy”… yes, he said mommy. in front of the judges. in front of his competitors. in front of a camera!!!
    I couldn’t wait to see your blog in the morning! WAAAAAA!

  4. Boo hoo to Bravo, can’t believe you missed it. TC was a snoozefest compared to TC Desserts. Some fabulous desserts were made while others lagged far behind. And Seth, what can I say about Seth? Clearly he stayed for the entertainment value. He made blue cake with food coloring which did not sit favorably with the judges. Then there were the whining, crying, angry, paranoid, manic episodes. I can’t wait for next week!

  5. Instictively we turned on Bravo last night, only to witness a grown man weeping about some kind of candy on the plate that was ‘for his mommy’…

    This show sucks donkeys.

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