Vacation Eats


best tuna sanwich

Fresh smoked tuna. Great sandwich or the greatest sandwich?

hush now

AND they make the best hushpuppies around. Score!


I’m willing to travel a bit further afield for a coconut cream pie milkshake.


Or for the “Epic Italian,” my favorite sandwich at my family’s pizza joint.

three sheets

Of course, life isn’t all sandwiches.

crabby patty

Sometimes it’s crabcakes.


Or macadamia nut tarts with caramel ice cream.

sir henry

Or puppies! This is puppy #3.


Of course, some people prefer kittens. We have those as well.

Tomorrow night: putt-putt!

10 thoughts on “Vacation Eats

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  2. where is the tuna from? shake? Looks awesome. I am heading out to Nag’s Head in a few months and wonder if that tuna sandwich is in my future!!

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