Vacation Puppies


So. Much. Puppy. And pork!

pig butt

Because we are good, red-blooded Americans, so we barbecue on Labor Day.


Oh yes, we do.


The puppies didn’t help at all.


There was also Mexican street corn, with chipotle mayo and chile powder and cotija.


Oh yes, there was.

so sweepy


14 thoughts on “Vacation Puppies

  1. I am intrigued by what is happening to the corn in those pictures – I don’t want to take away from you vacation/pork-eating/puppy-patting, but could you elaborate?

  2. Lord have mercy. That corn. I may swoon.

    The barbecue, I can pass up, because I know you’re serving it with that sorry North Carolina sauce, and we can do so much better with the Memphis version….

    But you KNOW you love me….

  3. I was a skeptic on the corn. That said, it was amazing… I went back for seconds. I would have gone for thirds but there was awesome pork butt to be eaten. I’m looking forward to leftovers : )

  4. Real deal mexican elotes from the truck are AWESOME. and where better but NC? :)

    @kay: step off! we loves our delicious vinegary sauce!

  5. PS, corn = grilled, slathered with chipotle mayo, sprinkled with chile powder and cotija cheese, devoured.

    peggasus, they’re so freaking cute. there are actually three of them, but i can’t get them all in a pic at the same time.

    kay, this was actually neither, it was cuban style with a mojo sauce. so there.

    tina, yeah, you do. this is the best vacation ever.

    kerry, we’ll have to get some corolla light and do a side by side.

    vera, preach it!

  6. @ Michelle — I did that Cuban mojo stuff after you posted about it last year. It’s pretty wonderful.

    @ Vera — Can’t live in the orbit of Memphis as long as I have and not be chauvinistic about barbecue! Actually, the only NC vinegar sauce I ever had was at some restaurant in Durham that’s supposed to be all that and a bag o’ chips, and I was not impressed. It’s much like the sauce we baste with for Memphis ‘cue, but we switch to a tomato/pepper based “table” sauce for serving. All what you’re used to, I guess….

  7. @Kay: i’m a 15 year NC transplant (in Durham, actually…lol) and am truthfully not such a barbecue fanatic. that shreddy chopped stuff just doesnt excite me the way its supposed to (pulled, maybe)… but I am a lover of things savory and vinegary, so…;)

  8. @Michelle, while I agree that pulled pork and puppies are a perfect vacation combination, I just returned from 2 weeks of eating my way through 18 states. Pretty close to perfect! I think we ate every possible type of food. No puppies, but there were bison, mule deer and mules. Puppies would have made it perfect, though.

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